St. Philip - June 15th & 16th

Corpus Christi - June 22nd & 23rd

During the Mass on these weekends, a prayer will be said for the Consecration to the Holy Family.

The decision to consecrate your family needs to be intentional and a process through which you completely surrender to God through the Holy Family.

Four suggested steps before the prayer during Mass are:

1.  Discuss the importance of this consecration as a family & why you are doing it.

2.  Each member of your family is strongly encouraged to go to Reconciliation.

3.  As a family, intentionally choose something to fast from. The fast can be for at least a week to discipline our minds & hearts to refrain from secular activities and be more focused on God.

4. Prepare for the commitment to the Consecration to the Holy Family. You are choosing a way of life and to be a beacon of light of God’s love through His church


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