Sunday, Dec. 6: meet in Youth Room from 6-8 pm

Sunday, Dec 13: No Unite (Finals Week)

Monday, Dec. 14: YOUNG ADULTS(18+) Movie Night @ Showplace East Private Theater 4:30 pm. Contact Sharon at 812.470.9378 for details and RSVP

Sunday, Dec 20: White Elephant Christmas Party

Monday, Dec 28: Showplace East 4:30 pm Private Theater Movie TBD

January 17, 2021 -SAVE THE DATE - High School Senior Night with Parents 4:00 pm at St. Philip Church and Gym

Thank you- to everyone who sponsored a high school student for the Bowling for Chickens! In one night, $1100 was raised from our high school students, which is 55 flocks of chicks to help poor families around the world.











































































































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