Parish Council Meeting of August 24,2016


The meeting was opened with a prayer.  Those in attendance were Fr. Burns, Fr. Sudhakar, Deacon Charlie Koressel, Brian Thompson, Debbie Bartlett, Mel Martin, Becky Attebury, Mary Ritter, Greg Weinzapfel, Marc Fehrenbacher, Karen Folz, Matt Goebel, Andrew Weinzapfel, Greg Martin, Matt Bohleber and Katie Goebel.  New members to the council that were present included Mary Bohleber, Mike Folz and Rusty Wildeman.  Charlene Kraft is a new member that was unable to attend the meeting.

Matt Bohleber reported that the school board has three new members.  They are Mike Mohr, Emily Moore and Holly Weinzapfel.  The school board is still working on alumni outreach.  Matt reported that archery is doing well and the team has four coaches.

Father Burns talked about the Diocesan Capital Campaign.  It will be implemented at St. Philip in early 2017.  The money will be raised over a three-year period.  From the money raised, fifty percent will go to the diocese and fifty percent stays within the parish.  The money for our parish will be used for church and school needs/wishes. The CPC campaign for 2017 has been moved to the fall.  Father Burns also reported that an adult education class-Doors of Mercy- will be eight Wednesdays in September and October.  Watch the bulletin for the exact dates.  Father also said that Deacon Charlie has ordered Holy Cards commemorating the canonization of Mother Teresa which will take place in September.

Katie reported for youth ministry.  The high school group will be meeting on Thursday evenings starting August 25th.  There will be a mass at 6pm followed by dinner and a meeting in the youth room until 8:30. Katie asked that any person/group that would be willing to donate dinner for these meetings please contact her. The junior high (grades 6-8) group will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 3:30 to 5pm in the youth room starting September 7th.

Mel reported that there is still discussion on a fix for the waste water treatment system.  
there are several options at varying cost to the parish. The committee is working to find the best fit for our needs.  He also said that building and grounds hope to start on the front parking lot refurbish in the next few weeks.

Nominations and voting took place for admission to the Brute Society this fall.

Andrew Weinzapfel was voted in as the Vice Chair for next year. Greg Weinzapfel is the Chair.

After thanking the outgoing group, the meeting was closed with a prayer.


The next meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2016.