Praised be Jesus Christ!

This weekend we celebrate the Fourth of July and the freedom won for us by the first citizens of our nation. I'd like to thank all who have served in the Armed Forces - your sacrifice, which continues even now, has made our freedom possible. Thank you!

"Freedom" means something different for Catholics than for the rest of the world. Out there, "freedom" means having the ability to do whatever you want so long as the law allows it. You wanna waste your cash rebuilding a 1967 Dodge Dart? You're free to do so! You want to leave your family in the middle of the night and start over somewhere else? So long as you accept the consequences, you're free to do so! It only gets worse from there, right up to taking the life of an unborn infant or (in some jurisdictions) an unwilling elderly family member. There are many evils justified by this false idea of "freedom."

No, "freedom" means something different for us. "Freedom" is your ability to respond generously to God's love for you. You do know that God loves you, right? Yes, you! With all your joys and successes, with all your sorrows and sins - God loves you! Your life is meant to be a response to that love. You respond in worship by attending Holy Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. You respond in prayer by developing a personal relationship with Jesus. You respond in works by your generous gifts and service to the Church and to those around you. It was for this kind of freedom that St. Paul wrote, "For freedom has Christ set us free!"

Let's give thanks to God for our freedom to live the Faith in public. Let's also pray to the Fourteen Holy Helpers for those who can't live the Faith this way in countries like China, North Korea, and Iran. Finally, let's not take for granted our ability to respond to God's love with generosity.

Fr. Ryan

























































































































































































































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