Greetings Dear Family,

It is officially summertime!  I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the extra daylight. When we have those really short days in the winter, I long for the daylight. There is something to be said about that in conjunction with our faith. Jesus calls himself the light of the world. I think it is an amazing metaphor. We crave the light. We crave to see clearly and truly. Sunlight brightens our moods and provokes us to get active.  (At least until the humidity hits, but that is a whole different story.)

As it gets warm, I know that our summer attire changes a bit. We want to wear shorts and tank tops and all those other garments that enable us to be cool in the midst of the summer heat. I love wearing shorts and t-shirt. Wearing all black and long clothes in the summertime is sacrifice to say the least. With that, let me say that when we come to Mass we should still have a sense of reverence and modesty, even though we are dealing with the heat. In Roman parishes, especially St. Peter’s Basilica they will not let men in the building unless they have pants on.  For ladies they cannot wear strapless, sleeveless, or half shirts. They are pretty strict on all that because of the sacredness of the Church and wanting to make sure that we help people have good custody of their eyes.


I am not saying that men cannot wear shorts to Mass. However, I do think that if you wear shorts they should be dress shorts and you should wear a nice shirt with that. For our ladies, young and old, I would encourage you to wear shirts or tops that have short sleeves, a back and a neckline. It would also be most prudent to wear shorts, skirts or dresses that have a modest length. Nobody is breaking out a ruler and I’m not going to be the clothing police. Honestly, I am just happy that people come to Mass.  However, if we could all just make the effort to keep in mind these simple requests it could help us, outwardly, communicate how sacred our time of worship truly is to us.


In the Heart of Christ,

Fr. Dusty Burns