Dear Brothers and Sisters,


When we come to Mass with open hearts, we receive


Mercy. We receive Jesus, who is mercy personified.

He is our remedy and our healer. He is our divine physician and we all need Him.

As we accept this mercy, we need to keep in mind that it is not enough to be a recipient of such a great gift.


We need to realize that mercy is freely given to us so that we can be mercy for other people. Do we put this into practice?

When you see a homeless person looking for assistance, do you move immediately to judge their circumstances? (Why don’t they get a job?  They may use my generosity for drugs. I think this is a scam.) And although the giving of our resources take discernment, we should always err on the side of mercy. Not only in matters of the poor but also with our families and fellow parishioners. Many times, in our brokenness, we can be slow to remember the good things others have done and very quick to remember their faults and the ways they have hurt us. It’s a good thing God doesn’t treat us this way. He leads with mercy and so should we in all things.


In the Heart of Christ,


Fr. Dusty Burns