Hello, my friends in Christ!

My name is Deacon Bob Martin, and I have been assigned to St. Matthew and St. Philip Parishes. I have been married to my wife, Anne for 32 years. We have two boys, Jake (23) and Jack (17). I work full time for Indiana Cardinal, a recycle plastics company in Evansville, in maintenance and construction. I am a fully professed Lay Dominican with our Evansville Chapter, The Woman Clothed With The Sun. I was born and raised just through the woods from St. Philip Parish and have many fond memories growing up there.

When I embarked on this journey 5 years ago, I had no idea how this would all turn out and simply trusted God’s will be done. I just wanted to grow closer to Christ and His Church and serve in the best way I knew how. So much have I learned through the four-year academic process only to realize how much I didn’t and still don’t know. One will quickly grasp that this is a lifelong journey and in no way can anyone exhaust the riches given to us by Jesus and His Catholic Church. The power of the Sacraments, wisdom of the Saints, and the riches and beauty of Tradition can only empower us all to imitate Jesus. I pray that you’re able to come to know Jesus in a deeper, more personal way and can’t wait to witness and share your experience.

I am very much looking forward to serving you all in any way possible and sharing our love of Jesus Christ and His Church together. I do ask for your patience in getting to know you all better as I’m a slow learner. JPlease pray for me as I will certainly be praying for you.

In love for the Lord and your salvation,


Deacon Bob Martin, O.P.




















































































































































































































































































































































































































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