Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we navigate our way through summer it’s hard to believe that in a matter of just a few weeks school will start again. Although I’m sure the students would rather have more weeks off, the campus will come to life again in a different way. I personally look forward to our school Masses and all the many ways we will journey together to Jesus.


When school gets ready to start, the first thing I think about is football. In August I will get together with my buddies to have our fantasy football draft and the trash talking will begin. I look forward to it every year and it’s a great source of recreation. If you haven’t noticed I really do enjoy sports. However, I always have to be careful that sports do not take first place in my heart. Sports are not the only competitor for my heart but it is a major one for me, one that I must keep in check on a regular basis. My prayer life, my devotion to Jesus and the Eucharist at Mass, and my priestly ministry must be the focus of my life.


I know that sports really drive the train in how many of our kids will engage the Church and our Youth Group, which is awesome by the way. It’s our biggest competitor as a Church. As much as I love sports, it is not my God and I sure hope that we can all keep that in mind as we begin our new ministries this fall. Do not let anything but Jesus reign in your household, not sports, not money, or anything else. If we invest in youth ministry, we need the support of our parents and grandparents to help get our children involved. It will take the support of the whole community for this to grow and become and affective means to reach our youth and to help them grow in their faith. Please begin to pray now for this important move in our parish life to continue to grow and flourish.


In the Heart of Christ,


Fr. Dusty Burns