Dear Family,

As we come to the close of another school year at our two parishes, we have celebrated some wonderful monumental events in a very short period of time. We have celebrated two First Communion Classes. Volunteers from both parishes helped to make our St. Padre Pio Relic Pilgrimage a wonderful and grace filled experience for thousands of people. We just had two 8th Graduations, where we watched our young people take the next big step in their lives.


We had an announcement of the addition of two new associate priests, Fr. Jose Thomas and Fr. Tyler Tenbarge. I am looking forward to working with these priests as we seek to take care of the needs of three parishes. I am confident that it will be a life giving adventure that strengthens our communities as well as focus on our resurrected Lord Jesus.


On the St. Philip side this weekend, a monumental event has occurred. For the first time in 50 years, 4 men including a son of St. Philip Fr. Luke Hassler, were ordained to the Priesthood. We are so very proud of all of new priests and especially Fr. Luke, who was born and formed into the man he is today in the midst our community of hardworking faith filled people.


I am so very proud and thankful to be your pastor. Thank you for being the wonderful people that I have grown to love deeply and care very much about. Each parish has its unique set of gifts, talents and wonderful examples of discipleship. I am blessed beyond belief.


Lastly, as I assume the responsibility of being the Pastor of St. Matthew parish with two new priests, I ask that you please pray that I will effectively put in a plan in place that enables each parish to grow and thrive for the sake of the Kingdom of God.


Blessings in the Heart of Christ,



Fr. Dusty Burns