“Et ascendit in cælum” – and he ascended into heaven! A blessed feast of the Ascension to all of you!

Some of you may remember the ticker-tape parade that we had in New York for our troops when they returned from Europe in the 1940s. Our men fought, bled, and died so that we might remain free and so that the peoples of Europe would not live under the yoke of Nazi tyranny. When they came home, we welcomed them with our own version of an ancient triumphal march and, in some way, those soldiers represented every American who had sacrificed for the war effort.

The Ascension of Jesus is like God’s own triumphal march into heaven. He fought the war with the devil and conquered hell; he destroyed the power of sin and death and the fear that they bring. He gained us the freedom of the sons and daughters of God (see Romans 8:21)! In celebration of his victory he triumphantly ascends to heaven, but he doesn’t go alone. Just as those soldiers represented every American, so too Christ takes you with him! His human nature is just like yours, and because you are joined to Christ in baptism, a part of you is already with him in heaven. Sit with this thought a while. It is a source of much confidence and consolation.

Spend this week rejoicing and preparing for the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. After the parade in New York, America had to work to bring herself back to peace. We, too, have the task of building up the Kingdom of Christ at Pentecost – but first, let’s rejoice at God’s triumphal march into heaven!

Father Ryan













































































































































































































































































































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