Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In just a few weeks we will enter into the Holy season of Lent. Hopefully you have already started to plan how you will enter into the desert with Jesus. Some of us will seek to give up things, others will seek to do extra things. I would suggest both.  How do you decide what to do? Ask yourself this question, “What do I need to give up and what do I need to add to my life to strengthen my relationship with Jesus in his Church?”


This is the sole purpose for Lent. We, as a community, commit to make these 40 days look different than the rest of the year to prepare for the great feast of the Resurrection and to kindle into fire our relationship with Jesus, which in turn flows out to all those around us.


Please be sure to check the bulletin, its inserts and listen in the upcoming announcements for opportunities to make this season truly holy.


In the Heart of Christ,


Fr. Claude “Dusty” Burns