Dear Family,

Happy Easter!  Today we celebrate the 8th and final day of the Octave of Easter.  Christmas and Easter Day are celebrated in the Church as an octave, over 8 days, because of their importance in the lives of the Church.  The octave day is the exclamation point on the celebration.  Today’s exclamation point is “Divine Mercy”.  Mercy, which is a remedy for evil, is the fruit of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.


When Jesus rose from the dead, He did not return to His disciples with wrath and anger for their abandonment, cowardice, and denial. He spoke peace to them, offered reconciliation, grace, and a new life in Him. He does the same for us!


Today at Corpus Christi we will have a special prayer hour or prayer, praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy in Eucharistic Adoration and the rosary. There will also be an


opportunity to go to confession. This day offers us special graces from God. Join us at 2:30pm for this multi-parish celebration of the fruit of Easter, Divine Mercy.

In the Heart of Christ,



Fr. Dusty Burns