Dear Family,

This weekend we celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity.  That our God, who is one, reveals himself as three persons in a complete unity. They are one. Remember that Jesus prayed before going to the cross, “Father I pray that they all be one just as you and I are one.” (John 17:21) That is a powerful prayer made by the son of God before the one lasting sacrifice. Of all the things that Jesus could pray and ask of the Father before going to the cross, he asked for a God-like unity.

I feel strongly that the devil works hard to tear us apart.  We all have the tendency in our brokenness to readily see the faults of others and talk about it and we are slow to see and acknowledge the good in others. We can hold on to the mistakes and easily forget all the good a person has done. This tendency within us as human beings ,leads to division. It leads to gossip. It leads to uncharitable speech and sadly, as all this swirls in the ethos, we are pulled farther and farther apart. We see it play in society, in our Churches and in our families.


What is the answer?  (More appropriately phrased, “who” is the answer?)  Jesus. Every time that we gather around the Altar of our Lord Jesus it is opportunity to become more like Jesus. We can be transformed to see the good within people, to hold on to the great qualities of others and to readily forgive because it all leads to unity. Our parishes do a pretty good job of loving each other, but we could all improve. We strengthen our community by protecting the bond of unity that Jesus paid the ultimate price for us to have. As we contemplate the mystery of the Trinity, let us truly pray that we may be one as Jesus is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Every time we sign ourselves with the cross we are reminded of this unity.



In the Heart of Christ,

Fr. Dusty