Dear Family,

I want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to work at the Fall Festival. All of you are to be commended, those in the booths, those behind the scenes, working the parking lot, and coordinating workers.  I am always very thankful and proud as your pastor when I see your hard work. Thank you for saying yes. I know your lives are very busy and you donated your precious time. Thank you for contributing to the funds that will help build the kingdom of God on earth at both Corpus Christi and St. Philip Parish.


In addition to the hard work, let us make time to pray.  Please pray for our staff, your clergy, and for the holiness and spiritual growth of our community. The funds we raise are all in service of the greatest good of our parishes, which is the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.


In the Heart of Christ,


Fr. Dusty Burns